Trans Canada Snack Pack

Emily and I recently returned from a coast to coast trip to see more of Canada and to pick up stories from the locals. We thought it would be fun to make some treats inspired by our travelling experiences to share with friends. During our trip, we stopped by many farmers’ markets to enjoy a simple meal, stock up on fresh bread, and to find out what’s happening around town. We picked up a few interesting ingredients along the way, and you’ll be able to taste them in your snack pack!

Here, you’ll find a brief description of all the treats inside your box. Please let us know what you think when you have a chance to enjoy it.

Cookies & Confections 

1. Hazelnut Medallions
At Charlottetown Farmers’ Market in PEI, the locally grown hazelnuts blew our socks off. It was the sweetest hazelnut we’ve ever tasted.

2. Dipped Chocolate Biscuit
We tasted a really good bean to bar chocolate by Palette de Bine in Québec and cherished it in tiny nibbles.

3. Sprouted Kamut Sea Salt Sablé
We had a delicious loaf of organic kamut from a small German bakery in New Brunswick. We used  flour from Anita’s Organic Mill in Chilliwack, BC for this cookie.

4. Sweet Corn & Blueberry Shortbread
Every summer, Emily’s mom picks blueberries for jamming. We made a corn flour cookie with swirls of her blueberry jam.

5. Raspberry Rose Shortbread
Québec grown raspberries are sweet, floral and so delicate they turn into jam on your tongue.

6. Matcha Buckwheat Biscuit
We enjoyed many cups of Genmaicha tea to warm us up during our hikes. It’s especially invigorating when you get to have a sip on a cold day.

7. Tahitian Vanilla Caramels
After brunch at Edgar in Gatineau, QC, we bought a few caramels made by the owner herself.

8. Pistachio Marizpan in Dark Chocolate
We fell in love with authentic middle eastern desserts from Patisserie Royale in Toronto.

9. Coconut Thins
Here’s the fourth, fifth…? effort at cracking the recipe from Soma Chocolatemaker in Toronto.

Chocolate Bonbons

1. Sea Buckthorn & Passion Fruit
We discovered sea buckthorn in Québec where it is commonly made into jams and juices.

2. Minty Hot Chocolate
Before our trip, we made a hot chocolate mix for cold nights in the car. But something was always missing, perhaps a mint marshmallow?

3. Green Oolong Tea
Tasting tea is just like tasting chocolate, so many layers of flavours and aromas.

4. Black Sesame & Yuzu
Emily went through a period of obsession with Yuzu, a floral Japanese citrus with a unique fragrance.

5. Cider Caramel & Verbena
Travelling in the fall season meant that we got to taste different varieties of apples as we crossed from one province to another. We wanted to capture the aroma of apple pie in one tiny bite.

6. PB & J
A childhood classic gets an upgrade when you make it with a loaf of sourdough spelt, homemade jam and honey roasted peanut butter.

7. Eggnog & Speculoos
A holiday favourite takes on a chocolate bonbon form.

8. Milk Tea & Ovaltine
While on the road, we like to start our day with a hot cup of milk tea and malty Ovaltine cookies.

9. Honey & Lime
We were gifted a jar of honey that tasted like ripe lychee fruit so we paired it with something of equal brightness, lime juice.

10. anCnoc Whiskey
A good friend to take with you on a long roadtrip.

Cover Art

Canadian inspired icons were carved into a linoleum block to make the stamped image you see on your box. Autumn foliage and wildlife sightings were highlights of our hikes through the National Parks.

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