Walking the cobbled streets of Quebec City

On October 13th, 2017, we headed towards Quebec City and were stopped by a fromagerie called Fromagerie des Grondines. Cheese signage on the highway makes it irresistible to not stop and shop. They make organic, raw milk cheeses on their farm which you can sample in store (see video below). We fell in love with one called Tomme des Galets and added that to our cheese stash. We also discovered sea buckthorn here, an orange berry that is both puckery and oily. It’s not too tasty raw so it’s usually made into a juice, jam or jelly.

We arrived in Quebec City and parked near Maison de la Littérature and set off to explore the cobbled streets (see video above). We walked around the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac to Terrasse Dufferin and followed the St. Lawrence River on our left with the fortified city walls on our right. This path takes you by the Citadelle of Québec and ends at the Plains of Abraham.

We made dinner reservations that evening at L’Affaire Est Ketchup because it was highly suggested by our friends. It reminded me of the casual bistro style restaurants in France where the menu is always changing and its diners are more adventurous, ultimately giving the Chef more creative freedom.

Here’s their daily menu, all in French. The server was very kind and translated the entire menu with lots of detail. I added a few new words to my French repertoire, like sea urchin (Oursin).
Here’s the tiny home-style kitchen they prepare everything from. Again, we sat at our favourite spot, the bar, to watch it all happen.
Our first dish was local mushrooms in a rich flavourful reduction with a soft boiled egg and toast.
Sweet, creamy sea urchin with goat cheese on shaved cucumbers.
Braised octopus on a parsnip salad. Nelson really enjoyed the texture of the octopus.
An interesting pairing of scallops and blood sausage made in house.

After dinner, we made our way to the parking lot of Walmart Beauport to spend the evening. The internet was strong enough from our parking spot to watch a movie on Netflix, woohoo!

We woke up to a foggy morning and decided to spend it indoors at the Musée de la civilisation. We learned about the different aboriginal groups of Canada and the history of the populations that make up Quebec today. Our afternoon went by quickly while we explored all the exhibits. Afterwards, we visited the Marché du Vieux-Port to pick up some fruits and vegetables. We also wanted to get our last Montreal styled bagel fix from Bagel Maguire before leaving the province.

The next morning, we stopped by Montmorency Falls before leaving Quebec. Although the weather was pretty gloomy, the view from the top was still worth it.
A cloudy view of Île-d’Orléans from the suspension bridge above Montmorency Falls.

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